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Heather Rocca Trains Horses Using 
Natural Horsemanship
Natural Horsemanship is the philosophy of working with horses by appealing to their instincts and herd mentality.  It involves communication techniques, by the use of body language, in order to build a partnership that closely resembles the relationships that exist between horses in the wild.  Most natural horsemanship  trainers agree that teaching through pain and fear do not result in the type of relationship that benefits both horse and handler. The object is for the horse to be calm and feel safe throughout the training process.  A horse that feels calm and safe with his handler is quick to bond with that person, and the results can be remarkable.



Nemo is a "re-start" Thoroughbred, retrained under the Natural Horsemanship.  Heather is currently working on "the basics"  (balance, impulsion, and forwardness) with Nemo.  She encourages  Nemo to lower his head and neck to work on strengthening the muscles in his back and learn to push from his hind end.  



             Heather training "Nemo"
                An Eight year old "off the track" Thoroughbred         



 Heather training "Nemo" to lower his head and neck.





              Heather training "Pip" 
         A Six year old Paint/Thoroughbred cross



The "neck stretcher" (shown on the left) is a tool used to train a horse to engage the correct position of the head frame.


         Heather training "Asher"
      A Nine year old ''off the track'' Thoroughbred

Heather training "Buck"

Heather training "Wills"


Heather trains horses on the trails; working on their walk, trot and canter to allow them mental breaks from ring work.  Heather feels this is extremely important when working horses of all ages, of all disciplines.


Heather riding "Pip" (left)  A Six year old Paint/Thoroughbred cross
      Vanessa riding "Z" (right)  A Twenty-Eight year old "competitive     
driving horse" Dutch Warmblood          



 click on picture for a touching tribute to Battle

In Loving Memory of "Battle"

This page is dedicated to a sweet hearted,
13 year old, registered Standardbred
named  "Another Battle"
who left us far too soon.
1994 - 8.26.08





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